This link between providers and Colleges is also a crucial component of the new University for Industry. Publicly branded as LearnDirect, and the subject of extensive national marketing, this seeks to use the full potential of the Internet to deliver online learning opportunities in “bite-size chunks” at a pace designed to suit each and every […]


It is not however just in the arena of existing employees that industry should be seeking to raise skill levels. By working closely with local providers and Colleges of Further Education in particular, a picture can rapidly be built up of the skills and expertise that  regions, areas and even individual employers require from their workforce […]


Nobody can sensibly dispute the value of workforce to any employer, whether or not this is of the watch-and-learn type or of some form of formalised and structured programme . What however deserves to be more widely recognised is the value to business of widening the scope of this learning; of making it more widely applicable […]

Training organisations

Over the last ten years Hawksmere has become one of the UK?s foremost training organisations with a reputation for world-class excellence in the provision of public seminars, in company-tailored programmes and consultancy services . They design and present more than 600 public seminars annually in the UK and internationally for an audience of well over 15,000 […]

Positive move

The acquisition of Hawksmere by Croner.CCH has ultimately been a very positive move for the training company. It has given them the financial stability – not only to expand into existing areas – but to pitch for prestigious niche sectors Internetowy Portfel. For example, in March 2000 they took on the overall running of the Royal […]