This link between providers and Colleges is also a crucial component of the new University for Industry. Publicly branded as LearnDirect, and the subject of extensive national marketing, this seeks to use the full potential of the Internet to deliver online learning opportunities in “bite-size chunks” at a pace designed to suit each and every individual.

There are currently around 1,000 Centres all over the country which will enrol learners on demand, and allow them to access any of around 250,000 sets of vocational learning materials from the comfort of their own home PC. Many of these Centres are sited within public areas ? within pubs, clubs, shopping centres, najlepsza tabletka kamagra and crucially at places of work . More and more employers are increasingly seeing the benefit of providing IT facilities at which their workforce can use their lunch hours, tea breaks or own leisure time to develop interests and capabilities that in both a direct and indirect fashion can positively affect their productivity and whole approach to the working day.

Once again, TBG Learning can provide support and training in this regard ? many of our Centres are already equipped to deliver LearnDirect courses, with many others planned to come online over the course of the next year. Our staff are also available to train the trainers within your workplace, helping you to build an IT learning facility that will pay dividends in the future in much the same way as the existing social and recreational facilities you provide build a sense of loyalty and camaraderie amongst a workforce.