Training organisations


Over the last ten years Hawksmere has become one of the UK?s foremost training organisations with a reputation for world-class excellence in the provision of public seminars, in company-tailored programmes and consultancy services  najlepsza tania kamagra. They design and present more than 600 public seminars annually in the UK and internationally for an audience of well over 15,000 professionals and executives in the commercial, industrial and public sectors.

Executive Director Michael Bentley believes that Hawksmere?s ?practical approach and commitment to providing value for money? and, above all, the ?focus on helping our customers improve their performance? has been pivotal to the company?s growth. Asked if he could pinpoint the core objective of Hawksmere, Bentley hoped that ?Every delegate should leave each programme better equipped to put enhanced techniques and expertise to immediate use .? Given that last year Hawksmere achieved 15,000-plus delegates, it would appear that the company is achieving his aim.

Hawksmere has its roots of origin in the publishing group Longmans, and the conference and seminar business has been operating since 1979. In January 1988, the seminar division split from Longman to become Hawksmere, which operated independently until 1998 when the company was bought out by the Kingston-upon-Thames-based Croner Publications Limited (now known as Croner.CCH).