Nobody can sensibly dispute the value of workforce to any employer, whether or not this is of the watch-and-learn type or of some form of formalised and structured programme . What however deserves to be more widely recognised is the value to business of widening the scope of this learning; of making it more widely applicable beyond the strict confines of the job role ; of making it as accessible as possible to any individual; and of the help and support that is on offer from the vocational post-16 learning sector to make this happen.

There are a wide variety of funding streams available to resource it; there are around 1,300 learning providers such as ourselves willing to come out to your premises to implement it; there is the expertise of around 500 Colleges of Further Education who will do everything they can to help you develop and promote it. All that is needed is the willingness on the part of the employer base at large to take a step forward, seek that assistance, and help to raise not only the skill base of their own company, but of their town, their City, their region and that of the country as a whole.